Corporate Offsite Got a New Lingo and It is Called Workcations for Teams
Corporate Offsite Got a New Lingo and It is Called Workcations for Teams
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Meetings are an integral part of all businesses. Whether you own a startup or a rapidly growing multi-national, getting your best brains together every once in a while always helps maintain productivity and work quality.

However, the bland way of holding meetings is undoubtedly getting old and out of trend now. And we can say, that’s happening for good.
This is an age where the corporate offsite is getting an evident facelift with a new stylish name and idea. Yes, we are talking about workcations.

In this blog, we are taking a quick look at the concept of corporate offsites and workcations, comparing them and finding out what sets them apart. So, buckle up and read on.
What’s the Idea?
Whether we talk about corporate offsites or workcations, the basic idea is to explore and expand business opportunities, plus build a strong team bond enabling employees to perform better together.

Also, a company offsite or workation can provide the employees with a rejuvenating getaway from the monotony. At most times, this boosts productivity and releases stress.
What’s the Difference?
While a corporate offsite is a quick short trip for a company’s few employees to travel to a destination for business and other team building purposes, a workcation is comparatively longer.

This is an office outing where employees get to spend more time knowing their team, the business ethics, and how the company has its belief’s set.

Apart from this, a workation obviously costs more per head than a small and quick corporate offsite. But then, the factor of ROI comes into play.
While corporate offsites generally fail to show the desired changes in the team behaviour, long workcations are proven to show evident improvement in work quality, rise in productivity, better team bonding and a number of other KPIs progressing in the positive direction.

Starting off, let’s read a few pointers about workcatinos and corporate offsites to know what’s the actual difference between the values that both of them bring to the table.
ValueWorkcationsCorporate Offsites
Duration7-14 days2-3 days
ProductivityIncreasesMay increase mildly
Work progressSignificantInconsiderable
Leisure travelIn-depthSuperficial
Team buildingVisibleNo actual improvements
Impression on employeesVery goodFair (may be)
Employee retentionVery highInconsiderable
Worth the moneyYesMaybe a fair deal
Closing Words
If you are a company owner or a human resource manager looking to choose between corporate offsites and workcations, this post might have helped you. Here we discussed the differences and value benefits that both bring up.

Hope you could take something away from this.

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