Enjoy A Gorgeous Workcation With Your Work Buddies
Enjoy A Gorgeous Workcation With Your Work Buddies
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It is always a good idea to take a vacation, or in busy times, a workcation. A combination of work and vacation, this concept is slowly building its way up in the corporate world and work culture. Big groups and corporates can take their whole team and work together at picturesque locations. Change of scenario and unwinding will help professionals work with a fresher perspective.

Enjoy a gorgeous workcation with your work buddies and we tell you how to plan a kickass one!
1. Take Batches of 40-50 people
Whether you are a small startup or a division of a big conglomerate, you can take a batch of 40-50 people to some awesome locations (hyperlink). Taking in batches will mean that resorts will arrange special amenities and facilities for corporates.
2. Reward A Workcation To Best Performing Employees
Instead of rewarding some material things or memento, why not gift the best performing team or employees a memorable experience in the form of a workcation. This incentive will make sure everyone will vie for it in a healthy and motivated way. The best performers can enjoy a gorgeous view, rustic resorts and picturesque location while still working.
3. Small Startups & SaaS Companies
Not just small teams, small startups, or SAAS companies could all visit these fab destinations. If we think about it, it's perfect as the only thing needed to work is the internet! Meetings could be organized at scenic places worth enjoying natural beauty.
What Can You Do?
With your team, you can do meetings at scenic locales or even poolside. There can be multiple team bonding exercises and activities that will help in spreading harmony and fraternity amongst the bunch.
  • Workcation will be good for mental health of the employees.
  • They are great for team bonding.
  • Change of scenery boosts imagination and gets the creative juices flowing.
  • You can travel and work both, accomplish a lot of backlog that is being procrastinating.
  • They help to explore hidden gems and embark on adventures.
  • You get to try local cuisine at different kinds of cafes.
  • You can explore the nearby locations too.
We have told you about plenty of reasons as to why workcation culture should be adopted by the companies. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, carry your laptop and get set go on a work adventure.

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