How the World Will Change When Everyone Opt for Remote Working
How the World Will Change When Everyone Opt for Remote Working
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COVID-19 hit us fast and hard. Each one of us has been struggling to accommodate our mindset and habits so that we could start working from places far away from our offices.

Most of us have successfully adapted to this culture of remote working in our lives. We are loving this freedom of working in an environment that makes us more comfortable.

There are a lot of surveys going around the same and let us share few of their outcomes.
A study by Zapier revealed that 74% of workers would quit their jobs for the ability to work from anywhere. Sounds fascinating, isn't it?

A separate survey reveals that Two out of three working professionals believe that the traditional workplace will be obsolete within the next decade.

Another survey report from Buffer states that 99% of working professionals will love to try remote working at least once!
We will observe a brain drain from cities
The current COVID scenario and freedom of working are directly impacting where people live and work. Most of the big tech companies announced work from home till next year and employees are getting extra allowances to establish better infrastructure for work.

People will start moving to remote places to minimize expenses and to enhance their focus on work lives.
Less Traffic as fewer People to commute
The daily commute to the office wastes time and costs a lot of money. This exhausting routine adversely affects people's mood, productivity, mental health and reduces the enthusiasm for work. For the last 4-5 months, People are working from home and they are working without the worries of commuting. Thus, remote work will lead to lesser traffic in metro cities.
Consumptions of material goods will shift to experiences
It is proven the money spent on experiences gives more happiness and satisfaction than buying material stuff. That is why people are going gaga over the concept of Workcations. Working with a beautiful view of mountains and beaches are what dreams look like. With the freedom to choose a work location, people will surely move out of metro cities.
The power will shift to employees from employers
It is the tendency of every working professional to choose flexibility over any perk offered by employees. The freedom of working from a remote location is the most prominent flexibility everyone is looking for in this COVID era. If employees don't get this facility, there’s a fair chance they would switch, or would opt for freelancing.
Infrastructure will improve in rural and semi-urban areas with an increase in demand.
It is a real-life fact, supply is directly proportional to demand. People will opt for small and optimal places for setting up their remote workstations. There would be an increase in the demand of strong internet, stable power supply and other basic requirements. It is natural that the migration of working professionals will surely upscale the Infrastructure of these places.
People from towns and semi-urban places will come up with innovative ideas
It is a well-known proverb, "Necessity is the mother of invention". To cater to the needs of people relocating from urban areas, people living in remote areas have to produce innovative ideas. It could be a coffee house that doubles up as a workspace or at home services that are quite prevalent in metro cities.
The culture of remote working is here to stay. And surely, the world will change if everyone starts working from remote locations.

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