Pack Your Bags & Have A Workcation At Lonavala
Pack Your Bags & Have A Workcation At Lonavala
Lonavala to Punekars and Mumbaikars is what Hamptons to New Yorkers! Who doesn’t like the lush green mountains, hillocks, cascades, dams, museums and multiple other attractions of Lonavala? The popular destination has a lot to offer to everyone. If boredom has stealthily creeped into your life and you are looking for a place other than your home, Lonavala is the way to go! Set up your workstation and enjoy a fabulous workcation, a long work vacation in awesome resorts and homestays of Lonavala. You can also opt for a long stay with your loved ones and not miss even a single spot.
Workcation In Lonavala
Workcation is a latest fad that means you work out of a vacation destination. Better performance, fresh perspective and unwinding are also some of the reasons for why you should set up your workstation in Lonavala. Wake up to a gorgeous hilly view, enjoy the perennially pleasant chilly weather and unwind with interesting activities. The resorts have cozy vibes here and a lot of other in-house facilities.
Enjoy Sunrise/Sunsets Everyday
When enjoying a long stay in Lonavala, make sure you enjoy sunrise/sunset everyday at Lion’s point, tiger’s point and many other spots.
Picnics By The Salter Lake
Salter Lake is one of the most beautiful water bodies in Lonavala. You can pack your picnic basket and definitely have a gala time beside the lake.
Visit Various Dams
Lonavala is dammed (pun intended!) when it comes to dams. Extremely popular among people are Bushi Dam, Valvan Dam, and the one on Tungarli lake.
Cascade Magic
You will lose the count while thinking about waterfalls in Lonavala. Visit the magnificent Kune falls, Lonavala waterfalls, Bhivpuri fall, Reverse falls, Kataldhar falls and many more.
Lonavala Is Every Trekker’s Paradise
There are number of treks around Lonavala. Explore untapped gems, go on morning walking tours, camping and lot of interesting activities. You will find many forts and temples in the vicinity that are excellent for night treks. Lohgad, Rajmachi, Korigad are some of the popular treks. For steep treks, go on a trek the Tal Baila trek.
Foodies, Go on A Culinary Tour
Hot chai and spicy missal pav, Lonavala has amazing eateries that you must visit. Lonavala is also known for its delicious street food. Buvachi Usal is known to serve spiciest of missal. If you are a chai enthusiast, try 20 types of amazing hot piping teas from Jai Shiv Shankar Chaiwala. They even have a German Bakery in Lonavala!
Buy Chikkis & Fudge
When in Lonavala, stock up on different types of chikkis from sweetmeat stores. Same goes with fudge that is available in so many yummy flavours. Try the chocolate fudge, walnut-brownie fudge, kaju fudge and satiate your sweet tooth. The Maganlal chikki is one of the popular chikki brand that you can enjoy.
Hot Air Balloon Safari Tours
Lonavala is one of the few destinations in India that offer amazing hot air balloon tours. Look up for agencies that offer these tours and do make sure you admire the beautiful town whilst up. The tours are easy on the pocket and truly memorable.

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